New Roommate, New Problems

My dad moved in yesterday. We are still emptying the house, but he’s living here. Having someone live with you when you’re use to being alone is quite different. I lucked out and gained the ability to sleep heavily for the most part, but that has been tested. Between constantly moving around, opening the fridge, opening doors, and asking questions to my sleepy state I did not sleep as much as I wanted/am used to.

I already miss solitude.

My tiny studio apartment is packed. My mother is caring for my dog, the cat and my rabbit are here, though… Along with a bunch of stuff that didn’t fit in the storage room. My studio apartment looks like a hoarding stash. 

In 2 months, I hit the 6 month mark on my lease and can upgrade to a bigger apartment. I can count down the days.  I am beyond excited, but nervous knowing that I have to empty the storage space then. More space, more stuff as well…  At least then, I can start going through it. 

That’s what all gentle hoarders say though, right?


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