Work Anxiety

I have opted to step down at work.  I will go from being a Store Manager to being an Assistant Manager.

This has me terrified for all the normal reasons – money, job security, personal happiness.  All of these reasons can be overcome, except one.  Money comes and goes and I can work part time at a less demanding job to be able to compensate the loss.  Job security isn’t guaranteed anywhere and a retail store manager can generally find another job at another retailer pretty quickly, especially in a metropolis.

Personal happiness cannot be given to you by anyone else and cannot be earned at work.  It is something that you create and maintain.  Your life around you helps to keep the momentum, but the right attitude and mindset can get you far through most situations.

I let my company know that I was willing to remain a store manager until they found a store manager for my store.  I didn’t want them to rush the decision and I didn’t want the wrong person for the job.  I had worked hard to get the location where it needed to be and the staff in the right place.  It took 2.5 months to get someone.  I helped train her for a week and then…

I got strep throat.  Strep throat was cured and sinusitis took its place.  The sinusitis lead to an upper respiratory infection and I was out of work for 2 weeks.

While I was gone, my team was challenged and they performed well at making their metrics.  Our numbers were up and they made sure to keep the place afloat… but not pretty.  The store was wrecked and vacant and the stockroom was messy.  I was back for one day before I left that store.  We made progress in that one day, but it was climbing a mountain to see it.  3 days later, the district manager walked in the door to a new store manager and a team that has a morale hit due to a change in their store manager.

That was this morning.  The DM will also be there tomorrow and I will sit to the side, in a new store, with my heart in a panic of how I’m going to be blamed for something that was indirectly my fault.  My team didn’t perform in the operations while I was out sick…

What are the chances I’ll be fired?


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